1. Department of History, King’s College London

1.1. Principal Investigator

David Carpenter: david.carpenter [at] kcl.ac.uk

1.2. Research Fellows

Paul Dryburgh
Beth Hartland

1.3. Research Associate

Polly Hanchett (first year of project)

1.4. Additional Editorial Work

Jonathan Mackman
Ben Wild
Simon Harris

2. Department of History and American Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University

2.1. Co-Investigator

Louise Wilkinson: ljw28 [at] canterbury.ac.uk

3. The National Archives

3.1. Co-Investigator

David Crook (Honorary Research Fellow)

3.2. Additional Members of the Project Co-Ordination team

Sean Cunningham: sean.cunningham [at] nationalarchives.gov.uk
Jess Nelson: jess.nelson [at] nationalarchives.gov.uk
Adrian Jobson
Aidan Lawes (now retired)

4. Department for Digital Humanities, King's College London, University of London

4.1. Co-Investigator

Harold Short (now retired)

4.2. Technical Director

Paul Spence

For technical queries, please contact paul.spence [at] kcl.ac.uk

4.3. Project Team

Zaneta Au (web application development)
Paul Caton (web support)
Arianna Ciula (lead analysis)
Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi (web support)
Tamara Lopez (print publication)
Paul Vetch (lead interface development)
José Miguel Vieira (lead web application development)
Raffaele Viglianti (web support)

4.4. Also

John Bradley (general consultancy)
Gerhard Brey (consultancy on image processing)
Damien Doherty (visual design)
Simon Mahony (image processing)
Richard Palmer (server setup)
Artemis Papakostouli (markup)
Gautier Poupeau (consultancy on ontologies)
Simon Tanner (consultancy on digitisation and quality assurance)