The Fine Rolls website can be used to explore different types of information found in the Fine Rolls. You can view and access this data in different ways:

  • by viewing a full translated text of any of the rolls (accessible through the Translations page) for 1–57 Henry III (1216–1272);
  • by viewing the images of all the Fine Rolls (accessible through the Images page) for 1–57 Henry III (1216–1272) – for more information on how to use the manuscript viewer see the section on Image Viewer;
  • by viewing the indexes for the rolls for Henry III 1–18 (1216–1248) which link back to the full text of the relevant entries in the Fine Rolls translation.
  • by using the search facility for the rolls for Henry III 1–18 (1216–1248).

When viewing the full text of a roll, you can:

  • use the table of contents available at the top and at the bottom of the full roll page to get directly to the membrane text you are interested in
  • select a date from the drop down menu available on the right hand side of the roll page to get directly to the entries written from that date onward
  • click on ‘Images of Roll …’ just under the heading of the roll which takes you to the page of thumbnail images for that roll
  • click on ‘Image of membrane …’ under each membrane heading which links to the relevant membrane image

See Help pages for: