During the lifetime of the project, a great deal has been written by members of the project team drawing, in varying degrees, on the material in the fine rolls. Equally much has been published bearing on the more general historical context in which the fine rolls are set. This part of the website brings together papers both by David Carpenter, the Principal Investigator, and by the Co-Investigator, Louise Wilkinson.

These papers include ‘Fines of the Month’, PDFs of articles appearing in learned journals and as chapters in edited volumes, which have been developed from Fines of the Month, and PDFs of journal articles and chapters which have appeared independently. The material is arranged thematically.

David A. Carpenter

The British Context

'Confederation not Domination: Welsh political culture in the age of Gwynedd imperialism', in Wales and the Welsh in the Middle Ages: Essays presented to J. Beverley Smith, ed. R. Griffiths, P. Schofield (Cardiff, University of Wales Press), pp.20-8. PDF attached

'"The Scottish King's Household" and English Ideas of Constitutional Reform', Breaking of Britain, Feature of the Month, October 2011, www.breakingofbritain.ac.uk/blogs/feature-of-the-month/october-2011

'Melrose abbey and English law (lex anglicana): attitudes to England in the period before the Wars of Independence', Paradox of Medieval Scotland, Feature of the Month, February 2010, http://paradox.poms.ac.uk/feature/february10.html

Magna Carta, the Church and Parliament

'Archbishop Langton and Magna Carta: his contribution, his doubts and his hypocrisy', English Historical Review., cxxvi (2011), pp.1041-65. PDF attached

'Magna Carta 1253: the ambitions of the church and the divisions within the realm', Historical Research, 86 (2013), pp.179-90. PDF attached

'Consent to taxation, the community of the realm and the development of parliament: the aid of 1245', Fine of the Month for May 2010, (/content/month/fm-05-2010.html)

Peasants in Politics

'A peasant in politics during the Montfortian regime of 1264-1265: the Wodard of Kibworth case', Fine of the Month for September 2010, (/content/month/fm-09-2010.html)

'The peasants of Rothley in Cambridgeshire, the Templars and the king', Fine of the Month for April 2009, (/content/month/fm-04-2009.html)

'"The greater part of the vill was there": the struggle of the men of Brampton against their lord. Part I', Fine of the Month for December 2008, (/content/month/fm-12-2008.html)

'"The greater part of the vill was there": the struggle of the men of Brampton against their lord. Part II: The Battle of Brampton', Fine of the Month for March 2009, (/content/month/fm-03-2009.html)

'The battle of Brampton: an addendum. More evidence for violence in the village', Fine of the Month for April 2012, (/redist/pdf/fm-04-2012.html)

The Jews

'Crucifixion and Conversion: King Henry III and the Jews in 1254', in Laws, Lawyers and Texts: Studies in Medieval Legal History in honour of Paul Brand, ed. C. Whittick, S. Jenks and S. Rose (Brill: Brill, 2012), pp.129-48. PDF attached

Magnates and royal servants

‘The struggle to control the Peak: an unknown letter patent from January 1217’, in Foundations of Medieval Scholarship. Records edited in Honour of David Crook, ed. P. Brand and S. Cunningham (Heslington, York: The Borthwick Institute, The National Archives, 2008), pp.35-49. PDF attached

'The career of Godfrey of Crowcombe: household knight of King John and steward of King Henry III', in War, Government and Aristocracy in the British Isles 1150-1500: Essays in Honour of Michael Prestwich, ed.C. Given-Wilson, A. Kettle and L. Scales (Woodbridge, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 2008), pp.26-54. PDF attached

King Henry III and buildings

'King Henry III and Windsor Castle' (with Julie Kanter), in St George’s Chapel Windsor: History and Heritage, ed. T. Tatton-Brown (Wimborne Minster, Dovecote Press, 2010), pp.25-35. PDF attached

'King Henry III and the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey', in Westminster Abbey Chapter House, ed. W. Rodwell and R. Mortimer (London, Society of Antiquaries, 2010), pp.32-39. PDF attached

King Henry III and the crisis of 1258

'The vis et voluntas of King Henry III: the downfall and punishment of Robert de Ros', Fine of the Month for August 2012, (/redist/pdf/fm-08-2012.html)

'King Henry III and the Sicilian affair', Fine of the Month for February 2012, (/redist/pdf/fm-02-2012.html)

'Aspects of the revolution of 1258', Fine of the Month for September 2012, (/redist/pdf/fm-09-2012.html)

The Chronicle Sources

'Chronology and truth: Matthew Paris's Chronica Majora', forthcoming in (long delayed) Matthew Paris: A Companion, edited by James Clark, and to be published by Cambridge University Press. PDF attached

'The Pershore Flores Historiarum: an unrecognised chronicle from the period of reform and rebellion in England', English Historical Review, cxxvii (2012), pp.1343-66, PDF attached

The Record Sources

'"In testimonium factorum brevium": the origins of the English chancery rolls', in Records, Administration and Society in the Anglo-Norman Realm, ed. N. Vincent (Woodbridge, Boydell & Brewer, Ltd, 2009), pp.1-28. An eloquent and amusing critique of this paper is offered by Nicholas Vincent in his introduction to the volume between pp.xvi-xviii. The author saw no need to alter anything in the light of what was said. PDF attached

The sense of humour of King Henry III

'The sense of humour of King Henry III', Fine of the Month for November 2011, (/content/month/fm-05-2010.html)

Louise J. Wilkinson

Women in Thirteenth-Century Political Life

'Women, Politics and Local Government in the Thirteenth Century', Henry III Fine Rolls Project, Related Papers (July 2013), pp. 1-20, PDF attached.

Eleanor de Montfort: A Rebel Countess in Medieval England (London: Continuum, 2012), 213pp.

'The dower of Isabella of Angoulême', Fine of the Month for May 2006, (/content/month/fm-05-2006.html)

The Civil War of 1215-17

'Oliver, sixth baron Deyncourt: A former rebel enters his inheritance', Fine of the Month for September 2007, (/content/month/fm-09-2007.html)